Keller-Turki Co. Ltd. is a joint venture with Keller Grundbau GmbH, which is a world-renowned soil and foundation engineering specialty firm that provides soil improvement, pile foundations, drilling and grouting, soil and rock anchors, dewatering and shoring work, construction pit protection, foundation rehabilitation, subsurface construction, and environment soil protection services. The company is part of Keller Group plc, a leading international geotechnical contractor.

Keller-Turki ranks among the region's leading soil and foundation engineering specialist contractors. The company has an impressive record of landmark projects involving advanced, technical, and economic solutions to critical soil and foundation problems. These solutions encompass multi-storied buildings, industrial projects, bridges, and power and desalination plants.

Keller-Turki offers advanced technical solutions for structures to be built on problematic soils of either a cohesive or granular nature. The company offers the following specialist services:

  • Soil improvement by stone columns using vibro-replacement techniques;
  • Soil improvement by vibro compaction;
  • Soil improvement by dynamic compaction techniques;
  • Cast-in-situ bored and driven piling for heavy structural loads;
  • Drilling and grouting for foundations rock with faults or solution cavities, grout curtains for dams and reservoirs, consolidation grouting, etc.;
  • Groundwater lowering by means of deep wells or well point systems that allow for excavations and construction work to be carried out belowground in dry conditions;
  • Shoring and protection of construction pits either by bored pile wall or by soldier pile wall; and
  • Installation of soil and rock anchors.

Mr. Mohammed Ali
Resident Manager
P.O. Box 718, Dammam, 31421, Saudi Arabia
Tel: (966) 13 833-3997
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